Where are we ?

We are based at The Aizle Active, Ballat Crossroads, Balfron Station, G63 0SE.  Enter the gymn door and go straight through - ask for Kerr

Click here for map.

When are we open ?

Equipment can be picked up after 8:00am every morning (note - on Tuesdays & Thursdays equipment cannot be picked up between 9:00am and 10:00am - sorry) and must be returned by 6:00pm on the Return Date.  Unfortunately any late returns after that time will be charged an extra day rental.

The Legal stuff

When booking online you will be required to accept our Terms & Conditions and we will require you to sign a copy when collecting the Equipment.  You can read a copy here.

When booking we do require a pre-authorisation deposit on your credit card of £200 per board.  This is to cover loss, damage or late return of our Equipment.

A pre-authorisation does not "take funds" from your credit card but simply reserves an amount for future potential charges in the unlikely event our boards are lost, damaged or returned late.  This is no different from what car hire companies and hotels do when you hire/check-in.  Pre-authorisation reserves are released by your credit card provider after 7 days.

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