Paddle Board (Espadon - 11 feet)


Package includes - board, paddle made out of composite, leash, high pressure pump, buoyancy aid and carry bag.

Faithful to the Espadon fish reputation, Our SUP Espadon distinguishes itself by its quality of speed that it acquires through its exceptional length of 335 cm.  Best for beginner adults.

Its fine maneuvrability will astonish you at each outing: its rounded rear and sharp nose grant it uncomparable responsiveness in waves. The SAR upper layer is completed with a central croco effect EVA non-slip pad as well as a kick-pad in the same material. 4 d-rings have been added to each side of the central pad where you can attach a kayak seat (optional). In a seated position with the back well supported, the rider can discover nature around him from a whole different perspective.

For the practical side of things, the front of the board is equipped with elastic cargo straps to secure light equipment and provisions.